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Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the landing page when you log in to your account. It has nicely designed widgets for common actions or at-a-glance information, like Upcoming Shifts, Who's On now, and Late for Work etc.

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Notification Area

Any actions items that require your attention are shown vertically on the left side of the Dashboard page as a widget. A widget will appear for any of the below action items (we will list just a few of them):

  • Acknowledge Shifts

  • Trade Request Approval

  • Shifts Approval

  • Shift needing Re-Publish

  • Time Sheets Approval

  • Staff Activation

  • Staff Assignment

  • Availability Approval

  • Open Shifts

  • Work Units

Click on the widget and the dashboard will load the additional details to perform the required action e.g. trades

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Upcoming Shifts

All the Upcoming Shifts that you are scheduled to work on are shown on the Dashboard page as a widget. 

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Shift Trade can also be initiated within this section. Black Notes Icon at the end of shift times allows you to initiate trade request.


Who's On Now / Late for Work

See who is currently scheduled to work along with staff members who are Late For Work.

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On Leave Today

Who is not coming today and has requested vacation using the application.

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Upcoming Birthday

We will make sure that you never miss wishing your colleague Happy Birthday!

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Wall Messages

The 'Message Wall' is where you can see many important posts and if enabled by management, you can post messages as well. Click 'New Message' to post a new wall message or reply back on a post.

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Message Inbox

Humanity offers its own messaging framework from within the program, to improve employee and intra-business communication. Select Message Inbox from the top of the dashboard:

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Click on Inbox to see the other folders i.e. Outbox & Sent Messages.Click Send New Message from the top right to compose a message.

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You can send a message to an individual, group or multiple groups/individuals at once.


Shared Files


Here you will see the documents that management has uploaded.



To download a document just click on the text and save locally.



There are two types of availability 'Weekly Availability' and 'Future Availability'. Go to your profile and you will see theavailability option at the op of your profile. 

Weekly Availability: The 'Weekly Availability' system is for the times that you would 'prefer' on a weekly basis.

Future Availability: The 'Future Availability' system is for the times that you would 'prefer' to 'not' be available for dates in the future.
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Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!