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Staff Profile - Availability

Availability is set on the employee profile under the tab Staff.

Weekly Availability Chart

This is your weekly recurring availability. Once set, it will repeat every week, the same day & time unless changed otherwise. Click the time-slot you want to set yourself unavailable or click and drag to select multiple time-slots. To make yourself available again, click again the slots that were highlighted as unavailable.

At the top right of the weekly chart, there is an option to switch between 60 and 15 min increment chart, helpful when setting up an hour partially available/unavailable.

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This availability is reflected within shift window so know in advance when someone is not available for a shift.



Future Availability

Future availability is a one-time availability set for a specific date in future. Click 'Add Future Availability,' select the date - > Click the pencil Icon to Edit all day or part of the day availability -> Submit for approval.

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