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Staff Profile - Notifications

Humanity can notify you via e-mail and SMS texting each time actions take place. You can toggle on and off e-mail and SMS, as well as control whether you are notified about the individual events and how often.

To view the notification settings, go to the tab 'Staff' -> select your 'Profile' -> 'Notifications'.​ Or click on your profile pic at left bottom corner of our app and then click on option Profile > Notifications.

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Under your profile, click 'Notifications' tab showing at the top of your profile. Check Email or SMS if you want to receive notifications via Email or SMS or by both.

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You can adjust the settings by selecting:

  • Once for each action before you log in to your account again and

  • Always to notified when that action happens

  • Or you can leave it as Never

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You can set the notification preferences for the following features/modules:

  • ShiftPlanning

  • Shift Trade

  • Leave

  • Communication

  • Availability

  • Training

  • Birthday

Note: (Depending upon your permission level in the account, few preferences would be available to you and few might not be available).

Once you're done with the settings, click Save Notifications Settings, at the bottom of the notifications page, to update the new settings.

Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing Happy Scheduling!​