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Staff Profile Overview

From the tab Staff, select the profile to see the details.



Overview shows the Profile basic details.

Admin Actions is where you can see the current status whether the profile is Active or Not Activated. If not activate, you will see the option to activate the profile by sending activation email or manually Activate.

Fast Assignment section let you assign locations & position to staff. Under the Fast Assignment, you can Assign Skills, if any.

On the right side, you will see the Upcoming Shifts and Recent Shifts.

Statistics shows how many shifts in total has been scheduled for that employee and based on that; it shows the number of total hours, Late, Absent and Karma score.

Employee Files that managers have uploaded and shared with that person. For employees to see these files on their profiles, it is must that manager enable the option 'Employees can see files uploaded to their profile' from the Staff settings page.


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