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Time Clock Overview

From the tab 'Time Clock' 'Overview' page, your staff can easily clock in and out. Managers can manage all time sheets, see who is clocked in and add clock times for staff manually.

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Clocking in and Clocking Out


To clock in staff simply click 'Clock In', however, depending on the way you have your time-clocking settings setup, staff will sign in a little differently.

Multiple Time Zones


Our application has the capacity to handle businesses that operate around the world, in multiple time zones. No matter where you are and how many time zones your business is stretched across, our application can securely and accurately complete all of your scheduling, workforce management, and payroll processes.

This feature is useful for both employees and management alike, as the schedules, Time Clocks, and entire application can be viewed and used in the time zone set for each location and individual user!


Add Clock Time


As opposed to simply Clocking In and Out, managers can manually add time sheets. Managers can also enable this option for their staff to add Clock Times Manually.

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Upload Time Sheet

Managers can also import timesheets in bulk importing an Excel sheet. Or enable the same feature for your staff so they can import multiple clock times at once.

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Manage Time Sheets

Managers can add clock times for employees and moderate them through their 'Timesheets'.

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Pre-Clock In

Under the tab 'Time Clock' the 'Pre-clock In' feature enables staff to clock-in with the 'Pre-clock' giving you the heads up that they are on their way and have left for work. This is extremely popular for critical services such nurses and emergency related industries.

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Clocked In List

Here you can see a list of who is currently clocked in along with the date and the time they clocked in at.

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To clock a staff member out click 'Clock Out'.


Time Clock Locations

ShiftPlanning allows you to setup individual 'Clock Locations' that can be used for restricting where clocking in and out occurs.

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Time Clock Settings

Within the 'Time Clock Settings' 'Managers' can activate and deactivate the 'Time Clock' module, control aspects of the virtual 'Time Clock' and choose to allow imported time sheets.

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Also, read more about Automatically Round Clock Times

Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!