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Weekly Availability

Click the hour you want to set as unavailable. Or click and drag your mouse cursor to select/deselect multiple hours.Employee's Profile > Availability. > Staff When this feature is enabled, go to the tab

 that you can set hour by hour for each day of the week.
Availabilityis a recurring Weekly Availability

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The pink color indicates Un-Available times and green indicate Available. If the Availability approval feature is on you will see the option, at the bottom of the availability chart, 'Submit for Approval'. Click that to submit your unavailability for approval. 

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Effective Date

Management can set the effective date for when your availability changes will become effective. You will see a  notice at the top of availability page mentioning from when your new availability will be effective:

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Weekly Availability is meant to be set for routine events and isn't meant to be changed on a daily basis: if you have one-time appointments or meetings then please use the Future Availability feature. If you want to request formal vacation days off, please see our Leave Requests.

Note that the Future Availability settings will
over-ride your Weekly Availability.

Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing support@humanity.com. Happy Scheduling!